Firearm Training

At The Outdoorsman Sport Shop we will train you to get your conceal carry permit from Wisconsin, Illinois, Utah and Florida! Our gun safety course is not just listening to us ramble but actual hands on training. We will teach you how to draw out of various holsters, how to shoot from cover, what to do when in a confrontation, distraction techniques and much more!

Want one on one handgun training? We have that too. Our instructors will teach you from the start the two biggest keys to handgun shooting, the easiest methods to work a semi-auto handgun, the proper grip of a handgun and plenty more all in a private class setting (limited to two students and private classes are done on certain days of the week, call us at (847) 746-1331 for details).

Our instructors are law enforcement and military trained so their prospective and knowledge will make your handgun training second to none. So bring your favorite handgun and gear. Don’t have a gun or gear? That’s OK, we will provide those for you with the price of your class (ammo not included). So take a look at our calendar below, or call to reserve a seat or book a one on one.

At The Outdoorsman we won’t just sell you a gun, we’ll train you to use it!

Check Out The Video of Our Practical Skills Course For Any State CCW Holders!
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So, check out our calendar for dates and times. Hurry sign up, class sizes are limited! Call (847) 746-1331 today!
Reserve your spot today, credit cards accepted over the phone! (Must pay at sign up).


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